Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas pics.

We decided to only do pictures of the kids this year for our Christmas card, mainly due to the fact that I desperately need to get myself to the hair salon and have yet to do so. They are much cuter anyways. First off let me complain and say why is it that everytime you want your kids to smile they never do so at the same time. We got some cute pictures of Kaiden smiling and Carson is not ,and vice versa. Aggravation. This is the closest we could get of the two of them smiling in unison.

After 5 minutes of picture taking, Kaiden the DQ (drama queen), decided to have a meltdown for no apparent reason. After that it was impossible to get her to smile again. Carson our happy-go-lucky guy decided we were mistreating Kaiden by begging/slightly yelling at her to smile and he decided that he to was done with it. So we had very little to work with. Isn't that always the way it works.

...maternity pants!

So most people who know me, know that I really do not like being pregant. The major factor in this horrifying thought is that I hate wearing maternity clothes or more specifically maternity pants. There is just something about how they never stay on your ever expanding stomach and you always feels like the crotch of your pants is down to your knees. Why? Why is it down there? What can I do to make it stay in place? I. Hate. That. So as most of you know, I am pregnat again with my third child. While I am excited to have another kid (most of the time, then I am scared the rest) I once again find myself dreading the cursed word. MATERNITY PANTS. Yes, I don't even want to utter it aloud for then I know I will soon be wearing them once again. Ugh. Well, I am almost 16 weeks along now, and am qiute lucky in the fact the I am now noticing the tightness of my "normal pants". Well let me tell you, I am doing everything I can possible do to cram myself into my "normal pants" as long as possible. However, I am finding that my jeans do not seems to want me in them anymore. Everytime I wear them, they are so unforgiving and seem to come unzipped in protest of my expanding hips and stomach. But don't worry I am not giving up the fight just yet and plan to continue to war against them until I have to surrender and wear...maternity pants.