Thursday, August 10, 2006

Silly Pictures

Trip to Utah - April 2006

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City

Ready to Ride

Enough already. I'm plenty warm.

Bridal Veil Falls near Provo

Kaiden's First Time on a Plane

Merry Christmas - 2005

Christmas Morning

Christmas Dresses

Our Christmas Card Picture

Taking a Nap

Halloween 2005

Aunt Sara and Kaiden

Peter Pan, Wendy, and the cutest Tinkerbelle ever.

Kaiden's Blessing

Here are several pictures from when Kaiden was blessed in August 2005.

Welcome to the World

These are a few pics from when Kaiden was born. She was born on July 20, 2005.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jeremy and Shannon Bradshaw's Blog

J. and Shannon Bradshaw Profile

Kaiden turned one in July and had a great birthday party with her family and friends. She gets cuter and cuter everyday. She is starting to get brave enough to take a few steps from the couch to other items she can reach, but she's not ready to walk all by herself just yet. Mom and Dad have been told that they should be thankful that she's not completly mobile yet. She loves hanging out with Mom all day and she loves to swing and go swimming. Her teeth continue to come and she currently has three with a fourth on the way. She loves when she gets watermelon after she's eaten her breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She knows when it's bedtime and she fights it as best she can, but Dad's arms eventually are just too comfortable to fight.

Shannon has enjoyed the summer off of work and will return to Harris Elementary School for the Gilbert School district two days a week later this month. She'll miss having Kaiden to play with all day, but is also looking forward to a bit of a break. Grandma Bradshaw and Aunt Sheridyn are going to help watch Kaiden this year. We are hoping that this will be Shannon's last year of work, but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes. Shannon has worked on updating Kaiden's scrapbook this summer and has hosted several play dates with members of our ward.

J. is still adjusting to a new job. He left Chase Bank in April after almost eight years. He now works for Quality Care Solutions, Inc. ( They are a software development company that develops applications for the healthcare industry. He handles recruiting for them. He actually enjoys getting outside to work on the yard even though it is extremely hot and even though he can't figure out how to keep the grass green. He has big ideas for the house, but they will come slowly and as we have the money to get them done. He is serving as the Ward Mission Leader and continues to realize how important it is to help fellowship new members of the church. He values his family and his friends and loves to spend time catching up with them.