Friday, November 06, 2009


Kaiden was lucky this year. She got to have Halloween 3 times. She started the week out with a party at preschool (where she got to wear her costume), then we had our ward trunk or treat, and finally Halloween. On Halloween, during the day, I asked her if she was excited to go trick or treating that night and she said, "It's Halloween again". Poor child, yes you get to fill up your bucket and get even more candy. Lucky you and lucky me (haha).
Carson had no idea what was going on. He really did not want to wear his costume. However, once he realized he got candy, he insisted on carrrying his bucket all by himself. Really, it was quite hilarious. Man it does not take them long to get into the spirit of Halloween.

The beautiful Cinderella and the heroic Spider Man.

My Littler Helper (or Not)

I have to say that Carson is interested in all things toys, books, and games. Having said that, he is into EVERYTHING ! ! ! Nothing is safe in my house. As much as he likes cars and balls, he is constantly getting into drawers, dishes, closets, and papers. I think he is the human tornado. Kaiden was never this bad, so it MUST be a boy thing. I was overjoyed when I found him trying to sweep the floor. Usually he just waits until I have pushed all the dirt into a pile and then he picks through all the food items and eats them. Gross, I know, but he is too quick for me.

First Day of Preschool

I can't believe that Kaiden has started preschool. She has always been a little shy around new people and most of the time will not talk to adults she doesn't know very well. So I was excited for her to start preschool and have a little social interaction with kids and adults. The day that I took her to her first day of school, I was a little worried about how she would do. Would she cry when I dropped her off, would she make friends? With all the questions running through my head, I took her to school. She loved it. Within the first five minutes, she didn't even notice that I was still there. When I told her I was leaving, she didn't even look at me just gave me a kiss and went back to whatever she was doing. Woohoo! Since that day she still LOVES preschool and can not wait to go. Now I am stuck at home with Carson who misses his sister the whole time and (I think) puinshes me by achieving to get in my way the whole time she is gone.

The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

Over Labor Day weekend, I went down to Utah to have a nice relaxing girls weekend with my sister and sisters-in-law. J. got stuck at home watching the kids. Ha, Ha. He seemed to find ways to amuse them because luckily enough the circus came to town that weekend and he was able to take them.