Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our New Home

Kaiden at Alki Beach in August when we came up to look for a house.
Carson did a good job of supervising while Mom and Dad unpacked.

Kaiden with Mt. Si in the background at the Amazon company picnic.

A Few Videos

We love to get Carson laughing and he loves to oblige.

Chad and Meredith Anderson took J. wakeboarding in August. Check out the 360 that he landed. Good times.

Bradshaw Family Update

Kaiden has fun playing with her little brother. Sometimes she goes a little overboard in providing him toys to play with.

Kaiden likes playing in any empty box or bag she can find. What a nut !

Carson is such a sweet little guy. He loves laughing, smiling, and is starting to become quite vocal in what he wants.

Grand Canyon Trip

This past August, we had the chance to ride the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams Arizona to the Grand Canyon. It was fun riding the train, despite the fact that it went only about 30 mph. We were even robbed by some train bandits on our return trip to Williams.