Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas pics.

We decided to only do pictures of the kids this year for our Christmas card, mainly due to the fact that I desperately need to get myself to the hair salon and have yet to do so. They are much cuter anyways. First off let me complain and say why is it that everytime you want your kids to smile they never do so at the same time. We got some cute pictures of Kaiden smiling and Carson is not ,and vice versa. Aggravation. This is the closest we could get of the two of them smiling in unison.

After 5 minutes of picture taking, Kaiden the DQ (drama queen), decided to have a meltdown for no apparent reason. After that it was impossible to get her to smile again. Carson our happy-go-lucky guy decided we were mistreating Kaiden by begging/slightly yelling at her to smile and he decided that he to was done with it. So we had very little to work with. Isn't that always the way it works.

...maternity pants!

So most people who know me, know that I really do not like being pregant. The major factor in this horrifying thought is that I hate wearing maternity clothes or more specifically maternity pants. There is just something about how they never stay on your ever expanding stomach and you always feels like the crotch of your pants is down to your knees. Why? Why is it down there? What can I do to make it stay in place? I. Hate. That. So as most of you know, I am pregnat again with my third child. While I am excited to have another kid (most of the time, then I am scared the rest) I once again find myself dreading the cursed word. MATERNITY PANTS. Yes, I don't even want to utter it aloud for then I know I will soon be wearing them once again. Ugh. Well, I am almost 16 weeks along now, and am qiute lucky in the fact the I am now noticing the tightness of my "normal pants". Well let me tell you, I am doing everything I can possible do to cram myself into my "normal pants" as long as possible. However, I am finding that my jeans do not seems to want me in them anymore. Everytime I wear them, they are so unforgiving and seem to come unzipped in protest of my expanding hips and stomach. But don't worry I am not giving up the fight just yet and plan to continue to war against them until I have to surrender and wear...maternity pants.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Kaiden was lucky this year. She got to have Halloween 3 times. She started the week out with a party at preschool (where she got to wear her costume), then we had our ward trunk or treat, and finally Halloween. On Halloween, during the day, I asked her if she was excited to go trick or treating that night and she said, "It's Halloween again". Poor child, yes you get to fill up your bucket and get even more candy. Lucky you and lucky me (haha).
Carson had no idea what was going on. He really did not want to wear his costume. However, once he realized he got candy, he insisted on carrrying his bucket all by himself. Really, it was quite hilarious. Man it does not take them long to get into the spirit of Halloween.

The beautiful Cinderella and the heroic Spider Man.

My Littler Helper (or Not)

I have to say that Carson is interested in all things toys, books, and games. Having said that, he is into EVERYTHING ! ! ! Nothing is safe in my house. As much as he likes cars and balls, he is constantly getting into drawers, dishes, closets, and papers. I think he is the human tornado. Kaiden was never this bad, so it MUST be a boy thing. I was overjoyed when I found him trying to sweep the floor. Usually he just waits until I have pushed all the dirt into a pile and then he picks through all the food items and eats them. Gross, I know, but he is too quick for me.

First Day of Preschool

I can't believe that Kaiden has started preschool. She has always been a little shy around new people and most of the time will not talk to adults she doesn't know very well. So I was excited for her to start preschool and have a little social interaction with kids and adults. The day that I took her to her first day of school, I was a little worried about how she would do. Would she cry when I dropped her off, would she make friends? With all the questions running through my head, I took her to school. She loved it. Within the first five minutes, she didn't even notice that I was still there. When I told her I was leaving, she didn't even look at me just gave me a kiss and went back to whatever she was doing. Woohoo! Since that day she still LOVES preschool and can not wait to go. Now I am stuck at home with Carson who misses his sister the whole time and (I think) puinshes me by achieving to get in my way the whole time she is gone.

The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

Over Labor Day weekend, I went down to Utah to have a nice relaxing girls weekend with my sister and sisters-in-law. J. got stuck at home watching the kids. Ha, Ha. He seemed to find ways to amuse them because luckily enough the circus came to town that weekend and he was able to take them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mount Rainier

On Saturday afternoon, we went driving around in Mt. Rainier national park and got to see some really pretty views of the mountain.

Killer Whale Alert!!

At the end of July, J.'s parents came out to visit us. We were super excited to see them. Kaiden kept saying that her other grandma was coming. My parents had just came a few weeks earlier, so J.'s parents were therefore labled 'the other grandma and gradpa'. We were glad that they made the trip up to see us and tried to think of some funs things we could do while they were here. When my parents were here, we went out whale watching, or should I say that we tried to go whale watching. Sadly we did not get to see any whales that day. Not to be discouraged, we decided to try again. This time we left from Port Townsend instead of Anacortes, hoping that a different route would make a differance. This time it did, because we got to see the Orcas. I was singing the last part of that line in my head while I wrote it, just so you know.
Kaiden with her 'other grandma and gradpa', Linda and Mike Bradshaw.
The boat was not allowed to get closer than 100 yards from the whales, so we did not get very good close up pictures of them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

It is terrific that all I need to entertain my kids is a bucket of water and the hose. That's it. They think it's great and I think what ever keeps them busy for a few minutes is fab with me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kadien Turns 4- Party at Point Defiance Zoo!!!

It is strange to think that Kaiden is 4 now. It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was in labor with her for umpteen hours. Wow. All I have to say is that our family wouldn't be complete without her wierd obsessions and quirky attitude. She is fun to have around albeit sometimes she is rather annoying, but I do love her imagination and laughter. I love you my sweet girl!
O.k, O.k enough of the reminiscing. For her birthday, my friend Kim suggested they we take her to the zoo. She conveninetly had free passes for us, so I was definately up for it.
Kaiden and her friend Ryan.

Kaiden absolutely loved the seals. She didn't want to leave this part of the zoo. To bad Kaiden.

Kaiden Turns 4- Party at Point Defiance Zoo Cont.

After looking at all the animals, all the kids wanted to do was chill out and play at the zoo playground.

Our little friend Peyton had a blast in the water!

Isn't he just the cutest little guy. Yes, he is! Oops got a little carried away there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Pretty Waterfall

Seriously, the prettiest little waterfall just off the side of the road.

My brothers and J. were climbing up the rocks to the top of the waterfall. Well, Kaiden really wanted to go with them, but the rocks were really slick from the moss and water. However, she insisted on climbing up part of the way. On the way back down, I wanted her to hold my hand so she wouldn't fall and she said, "No way, I can do it myself." Man I wish she was this independent in other things...oh... say like picking up her toys. I wish.

Olympic National Forest

O.K. people so this is straight from the horses mouth. I think that how that quote goes, anyways you are looking at the worlds largest Spruce Tree. It really is.

Kaiden had a blast climbing around on the trees roots. Can I say, holy freaking roots!

Pacific Coast

A few days before my parents left, we decided to drive to the coast and play around there for a while and then drive to the Oplypic National Forest. My little brother, Daniel, had never been to the ocean before and we was super excited. Kaiden was also excited to go, mainly so that she could play with her beach toys. The tide was low when we got there, and Carson immediately sat in the wet sand and got his pants all wet (oh well).

Kaiden got to fly a kite for the first time. I know, I am a terrible mother. Better late then never I guess.

My Dad and brothers got obsessed in digging for clams. I had never seen a live clam before, and have to admit it was pretty cool. They would dig them up and then watch as the clams would dig themselves back in the sand. J. even got in on it. He, however had the misfortune of putting his clam back in the ocean only for a seagull to swoop down and steal it. Rest in peace little clam.