Saturday, January 17, 2009

Silly Kids

Our silly Kaiden! She found a pair a J.'s socks and then proceded to put them on. She walked around like that for most of the day (sorry she isn't wearing pants).

Yes my child is in the sink. He was having a hard day and wanted me to hold him and I really (and I stress really) needed to clean my toilets. So I put him in sink while I cleaned them, and we were both happy.

Isn't this a million dollar smile?

Kaiden and J. played horsey for 15 minutes or more. What a good dad! Kaiden didn't want him to stop.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potty- Training Nightmare

So I have been trying to potty train Kaiden for about 6 months. Well actually even longer than that. I think I started before Carson was born, and then gave up after he was born because you know a new born baby is crazy enough. So anyway, after we moved to Washington I made up my mind that it was going to happen. NO MORE DIAPERS! Gosh, I just wish that someone had let Kaiden in on this new resolution. She was nervous at first, but extremely excited to wear panties. At the beginning she had the normal accidents, but had no desire to go on the toilet. She would sit on the toilet but the accidents continued to happen. Then she got where she would not tell me that she peed in her panties. Well, that continued happening for a while until I decided every time she peeed in her pants I would wash her off with cold water in the bathtub. Let me just say that that was a big mistake. From then on she was determined to hold it until the end of time I guess, who knows. I mean she would literally not go to the the bathroom for 8+ hours. Aggrevating. So I gave up trying to do anything with her. Give her a break and then she will be ready, I thought to myself. So I didn't do anything during Christmas, and now I am back at it again. And once again she is holding it all day. What the heck!! On Monday she held it for like 11 hours. She was crossing her knees, walking repeatedly around the room, and whining. Freaking go to the bathroom already, but I put her all the little toilet and she didn't do anything. Is she afraid to let it come out? Does she have a bladder the size of an elelphant? I have know idea. So that night (after she is still holding it all the live long day) I went upstairs to put Carson to bed and when I came back down J. had put a diaper on her, and (of course) lo' and behold it is already full, because she peed it it. Aargh. She is so stubborn! I need a Toilet Fairy, you know just like the Tooth Fairy who comes and magically makes all children miracuously potty trained. What a nice thought. Sigh. People I need some advice or I am going to stangle my daughter! I have already started dreaming about potty training her. What more do I need. My dreams will probably start turning into nightmares. Instead of a person stalking me, I will have Kaiden's Dora potty lurking around the corner ready to pounce on me and drag me down to the sewer. Oh well. Someday it will all be over (fingers crossed).

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Zoo Lights

When we got back to Washington, we decided to go to Point Defiance Zoo Lights with some friends. We had a great time, despite the fact that it rained on us (of course).

Kaiden and her friend Ryan had fun throwing snow at each other. Well...I think Kaiden is doing more of the throwing and Ryan is just enjoying Kaiden's attempt to hit her.

Christmas ! ! !

My sister-in-law Sheridyn gave this cute little outfit to Carson. Seriously people, isn't he the cutest little Santa ever!

Kaiden loved opening all the presents (of course). She wanted us to open the boxes right after she unwrapped them. On a little side note, why are kids toys so difficult to get out of the boxes. Come on, this isn't rocket science, it shouldn't be so hard to open them.

Poor Carson, it looks like he his buried in a mountain of boxes.

Carson and Grandpa Bradshaw! He thought his Grandpa was so hilarious.

Here Comes Santa Claus

All of the Bradshaw relatives have a huge get together right before Christmas every year. We were able to go to the party this year and were pleasantly surprised when Santa arrived.
Carson didn't seem to mind the jolly guy. It probably helped that our niece Aleia was holding him.

Kaiden, on the other hand, was way to scared to speak to him let alone sit on his lap.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Carson and the Balloons

While we were at my parents house, we discovered that Carson has a huge fascination for balloons. He would sit there or lie on the floor and hold onto the strings forever, just looking at them. Everytime the person holding him would walk past the balloons, he would try to reach out and grab onto the strings. Such a silly little guy!

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's

So two weeks before Christmas, I decided to leave J. behind and fly to Arizona early to make a visit to my parents house. We were able to make it out of Washington just before the "worst storm in 20 years" hit. Woohoo, lucky us! We had a great time at "dramma and drampa's" house. Kaiden still can't say her /g/ sound. Carson loved all the attention. Everyone wanted to hold him, which was fabulous for me. Kaiden was loving all the snow that came while we were there. She was able to go sledding for the first time, and also made her own snowman, with uncle Daniel's help of course. She was especially estactic when Grandma made cookies with her. It kind of made me feel bad, that I don't make cookies with her more often.

Carson and Uncle Taylor. He did such a great job at entertaining the kids.
Kaiden LOVES the color blue (I think loves is even an understatement). She wanted to decorate all her cookies blue. It didn't matter if they were trees or Santa Claus, all her cookies had to be blue. She even hoarded over the blue frosting and was upset if anyone else wanted to use it. What a nerd!

Kaiden was a little scared to go sledding for the first time. However, after her first time down the hill she didn't want to stop. It's a good thing my brothers were there, I wasn't about to track up and down that hill 30 times. I'm way to lazy!

Thanksgiving in Idaho

I told J. that I did not want to make a huge Thanksgiving dinner for 3 people, so we decided to make the insanely long drive to Idaho Falls to stay with my sister. That was an adventure with 2 young children in a 11+ hour car drive. However, it was so-o-o much fun visiting and playing with my neice and 2 nephews. This is Carson with his cousin Preston on the left and his cousin Robby on the right.

Kaiden had fun playing princess dress-up with her cousin Adalynn.

My kids and I. Kristi and her kids, and Amber and her son. It was utter madness with all the small children. We don't get to see each other that often, seeing as we each live in a different state. Sigh. Maybe someday we will live closer together.

ASU vs. UW

J. and our friend Dusty at the game!

In Love with Fall

Kaiden absolutely loved all the leaves. Everytime we went outside she had to bring excessive amounts of leaves back inside with us. We had fun raking up all the leaves in our front yard.
She got a little tearful when I made her lay down in a pile of wet leaves. Mean Mommy!