Friday, January 14, 2011

Santa Monica Pier

We went to California in late October/early November to go to Disneyland, but while we were there we definitely had to make a trip to the beach. The kids loved it, they could have played in the sand forever. J., wanted to leave the beach exactly 5 minutes after arriving ( he wanted to walk around the pier), but I made him stick it out so the kids could have a little fun.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year Kaiden and Carson were looking through a Halloween catalog and Kaiden came across a Strawberry Shortcake costume. She told me that was what she wanted to be and I immediately thought where in the heck am I going to find this costume because I am not going to order it through the catalog. I did end up finding it at one the Halloween stores around here and it was the last one there because apparently it was a best seller. She was the CUTEST Strawberry Shortcake. Her only complaint was that the wig hurt. She wanted me to take the net out of the wig becuause it itched her head, but I had to explain that if I did that then all of the pink hair would fall out. Carson wanted to be Buzz Lightyear and it was also a best seller. I could not find one in his size anywhere. He decided that a pirate would be the next best thing. Can I just say, Seriously. He was so adorable, and he kept walking around saying, "I'm a pirate, Arrrrgh..". Loved it! Bailey, sadly being the second girl, didn't get a choice in the matter and used one of Kaiden's old baby costumes. She still made a cute little Tinker Belle.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Freakin' Adorable

I know I probably post way to many pictures of Bailey but honestly can I help it.? NO. She is too cute. It's gotta be the hair, my other two kids were bald so I am loving all the hair.

Tell Me How I Get to Sesame Street

While I was getting out the Halloween decorations, the kids found some old costumes and proceeded to put them on. Meet Cookie Monster and Elmo! Aren't they adorable? Yep!!

Fun Run

At the end of September, Kaiden's school hosted a 'Fun Run' to earn money for their Science Center. Kaiden latched onto this 'Fun Run' activity and that is ALL she would talk about. She was sucked onto this activity like the grim reaper, she would not let go or shake it off. "Mom the Fun Run is going to be fun", "Mom my teacher is going to be at the Fun Run", "Mom I get a shirt at the Fun Run". On, and, on, and on it went. Finally the day of the Fun Run finally came. Kaiden, Bailey and I headed off ( Carson and J. went on a camping trip with the Scouts). We got to the school and went to line up for the race and Kaiden asks, "Mom where is the Fun Run" ?!? I had no idea that she didn't know what the Fun Run was. Umm...Kaiden we are at the Fun Run. We are going to run around this neighborhood..for fun, run for fun. Ohh!! I could see understanding dawn in her eyes and I thought that she would be disappointed or let down after her weeks of anticipation. She did no such thing, once the race started (running for her and walking the stroller for me) she said "look Mom I am running for fun". Gotta love that girl, she had a great time!

Tiny Moments

You know when you're having a stressful day and the kids are driving you nuts, crazy, out of your mind. You get the idea. So you think to yourself, "dropping them off at a fire station might not be such a bad idea, they would be looked after". No, no that would be too cruel and a little extreme. So then you think, "o.k. I don't drink (bummer), so let's up the caffeine intake times 3, and on top of that throw in about a pound of chocolate and I just might make it through this day". Right? O.k. so I might be the only one, but then as I am making the motions of going through my caffeine and chocolate overload day, I stumble upon these tiny moments that make it all worth while.

I love that Kaiden and Carson have made a "fort" out of pillows. Reminds me of when I used to do that.

Red Rock Canyon

On Labor Day, some of our friends and us decided to explore the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. I thought it was simply magnificent with all the different color of rocks and the crazy formations they made. Kaiden and Carson had fun hiking and playing with their friends. The only drawback was that it was HOT. I was sweating bullets the entire time. The price to pay for a day of fun.

Kaiden and her friend Ryan.

Red Rock Cont..

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kaiden's First Day of School!

I can't believe that my little girl has started kindergarten. I will say it again, I REALLY can't believe that my little girl started kidergarten. There I said it twice now you know I'm serious. I am excited for this new milestone in her life, but also sad that it is already happening. Aww.. changes you can't stop them.
Kaiden't 1st day of school outfit. I know its rather bland but her school requires a uniform. She can only wear navy blue, yellow or white shirts. Complimented by kakhi, navy or white shorts, skirts or pants. I have to say it totally took all the fun out of my 1st "back to school shopping".
Ready to leave for school!!

All of her friends from church, who also started kindergarten this year.

Getting ready to go into the classroom.

And she's gone. She didn't cry or anything, I was really proud of her. I, however, felt like crying and I thought it very appropriate that the school hosted a "Boohoo Breakfast" for all the kindergarten parents.

All in the Family

In August, the kids and I headed up to Pinedale, to spend some quality time with grandma and grandpa.
My aunt (who btw is one year older than me) had her first baby 3 days days before Bailey was born. This trip was an added bonus to meet little Brylee. Bailey and her had fun sizing each other up.

I think that this picture is harlious. My mom has what we were refer to has her "candy bucket" in a kitchen cupbard. Everytime we visit, my little brothers always mangage to spoil the kids by overloading them with candy. Oh well. Carson somehow managed to get himself two suckers, which he enjoyed at the same time.

Carson and his cousin Emma.