Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Morning

We decided (we meaning I) that since we have early church, we would not give Kaiden and Carson thier Easter baskets until we got home. Upon arriving at home, I put thier baskets outside and rang the doorbell. I told Kaiden that the Easter bunny had left something outside for them. Her immediate response was and I quote, "I'm scared, Daddy come with me". Hilarious. She thought the Easter bunny was still there and would not go to the door until J. picked her up and took her. Once she saw the baskets and the fact that there was no Easter bunny there, she was fine. More than fine actually!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kent's Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, the City of Kent has an Easter egg hunt the day day before Easter. They host it in front of the local AMC theater (notice the AMC line seperator or whatever it's called) Anyways, we thought it would be fun to particpate, and take Kaiden down there to look for eggs. We arrived about 1/2 before the egg hunt was to begin. It was a crazy madhouse of kids and adults, and to top it off it was fre-e-eazing. Kaiden had fun, despite all the chaos. She was, however, a little impacient to wait her turn to hunt for eggs.

Yes, you will notice the absense of Kaiden in this picture. She was mortally afraid to go near the Easter bunny. Carson was to little to care so thats that.

Cookie Monster

Kaiden and I decided to make some cookeis one rainy day. We wanted to do it while Carson was taking his nap, but of course he woke when we were only half done. I put him on the ground with some toys, he didn't like that. So I put him in his bouncer, once again he cried and didn't like that. Finally, I resorted to putting him in his highchair and giving him some chocolate chips to eat. He most definately liked this. After the cookies were done he literally ate 3 or 4 of them. My little cookie monster!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's

Right before my sisters and I left my mom's house to go home, we decided that it would be fun to have an early Easter egg hunt with the kids.
Let the coloring begin...

Kaiden and the first egg she decorated (of course it's blue). Not sure about her facial expression. She looks kind of bored or possibly constipated.

After we had decorated the eggs, we went to Mortinson wash to have a picnic and hide the eggs. Carson somehow got bored between things and decided to eat some dirt, and some rocks wich I had to fish out of his mouth.

Cake Decorating 101

Everytime we are at my mom's house, she is always really good at baking, making, and decorating something with the grandkids. This time was no different, so the project this time was a very cool cake mold of a train, with the engine, caboose, and everything in between.

Left over dough...mmm.
Finished project, maybe a little heavy on the candy.

Carson wanted to particpate, but since he is to little I gave him a piece of licorice to keep him quiet (I have to say it worked really well).

Every grandkid (and my two brothers) made a part of the train, and this is the finished master piece.

Emmma Lynn's Blessing

My sister gave birth to Emma on December 24th (I know poor Christmas eve baby). She is seriously the most adorable baby. She looks like a little doll. When we were in Az. we were able to go to her blessing.

My sister Ashlee and her husband Rocky.

My grandma O'Dair. She wants the great grandkids to call her 'Grandma Grace'.

Fun in the Sun

J. bought Carson some sunglasses. Carson would take them off almost immediately after having them put on, but we got some cute shots.

J. and I went to a Cubs spring-training game with his mom and brother.

San Carlos Lake

After J. flew down to Az., we met my family at San Carlos lake for the day. My family loves to fish and every springbreak they go to either Roosevelt or San Carlos and fish for a week. We were going to spend the night, but after we found out that there wasn't any outdoor bathrooms at the campsite we changed our minds. I am not too much a girlie girl that I would have had a problem with this, but Kaiden just got potty-trained, and will not go to the bathroom anywhere besides a toilet. She, in fact, proved our point on the way to the lake when we got stopped in some road constuction and she had to go the bathroom. I tried to get her to go on the side of the road behind some bushes, but she wouldn't do it. She kept saying "this isn't the right way to do it. I need a potty". It was actually kind of hilarious. So we had to turn around and find a bathroom. Anyways we were relieved to make a day trip out of it.

Carson loved playing in the dirt. My neice, Addy, was playing next to him. He only decided he was done with the whole thing, when my nephew accidentally poured some sand into his eyes. Yeh, that would do it.

Kaiden had a blast playing down by the water. I swear she was determined to find every shell there.

Carson decided it was time for a nap. Notice that J. has wrapped him up in an old towel. Nice J..

San Corlos cont...

My cute little newphew Preston. He decided to brave the cold water.

J. and my brother-in-law, Nathan, wanted to go fishing out on the boat so my uncle Brent took us. We left Caron with grandma but decided to take Kaiden with us. She loved it!

J didn't catch a darn thing, and neither did I. In fact I gave up completely after my line got snagged on some underwater bushes three times in a roll. After first you think a fish is nibbling your line and it turns out to be a freakin' bush. Aargh. Aggravation. Oh well, at least I got some sunbathing in.

I have no idea what Kaiden is doing here. I think that boat excitement wore off and she got bored. Although why she wants to wedge herself in this position is beyond me.

Phoenix Zoo

J. gave me a terrific Valentine's gift when he gave me tickets to go back to Arizona and visit for 15 days (totally made me feel guilty especially after the half hearted sucky gift I gave him, but that's a different story). So needless to say, I was really surprised. Especially since I had just been home at Christmas, but hey I wasn't going to complain. I was really excited because two of my sisters were coming down at the same time and it would be a could chance to reconnect with them and thier kids. Anyways, I headed down two AZ. with two little kids. On a plane, by myself. (Yikes!)
I was able to stay at my in-laws for the first few days until J. flew down to join us. They were terrific, both Kaiden and Carson had fun playing with silly Grandpa and Grandma. Linda, my mom-in-law, took us to the zoo. We had a great time, even in the heat. Bring it on! After the long cold Washington winter, I was more than ready to handle to AZ desert.

Carson and Grandma Bradshaw. We took the little train around the zoo and he loved it.

Kaiden favorite part of the zoo was eating the rather large snow cone.