Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sundays Are Hard on Kaiden

Our church now starts at 12:30pm and Kaiden's nap time is around 1:3opm so we often end up carrying her from the car to the couch after church on Sunday. This is one of the positions she ended up in when she made it home.

Ostrich Festival

Our family attended the Ostrich Festival in Chandler for the first time and would definitely recommend checking it out. It's just like the State Fair, but in a much cleaner and safer environment. We went with our friends Chris and Brittany Hess. J. tried an Ostrich Burger which wasn't too bad. We were able to see some Ostrich Races and Kaiden and her friend Jackson had a good time riding the rides.

Lehi Days

Lehi Days are an annual event that our church puts on every year.
Here are a few pictures that we took.

New Clothes

We took some pictures of Kaiden in one of her new outfits because we thought she was so cute. We didn't realize until afterward how many facial expressions she used. Her Uncle Taylor and Uncle Daniel are in a few of the pictures.