Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Splish Splash

All I can say is, what a good Dad to play with is kids in a very small kiddie pool. Awww.

Rock and Roll Kids

I left Bailey home with J. and took Kaiden and Carson took an indoor play gymn with our neighborhood play group.

More Pics. of Miss Bailey

Welcome th the World Bailey Kay!

Our little sweet pea arrived into the world on May 29th (my birhtday) at 3:53 p.m., weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. Now if you were wondering, wow, what a coincidence her being born on my birhtday. I will have to squash that thought and mention that I was induced and was well aware that she was going to celebrate a birthday with me. I actually share a birthday with my older sister. I kind of wanted her to have her own special day, but I was so uncomfortable at that point I didn't care. Plus once a person gets into thier thirties celebrating a birthday is not a big deal, so she can have it.

Kaiden's Preschool Graduation

Kaiden's preschool class had a graduation to celebrate the end of preschool. I can't believe she is done with preschool and getting ready to enter kindergarten. Crazy. Miss Courtney was a great teacher and helped Kaiden with her letters but most importantly helped her become more social (she is a litte shy). We had the graduation at a park, and the only complaint that I have to make about that was that the wind was blowing like 60 mph. Hats, papers, and pinic stuff kept flying ever where.

Jump, Shout, Let it All Out

J. found this trampoline on Craig's List for a mere $70. Can you believe it? What a deal! The kids love it. I guess it was an early birhtday gift for both of them.

All Boy

Carson is into cars, cars, and more cars, oh and also big trucks. He loves getting his cars and pushing them around the table. Vroom, vroom.

Monday, July 12, 2010

San Diego Zoo, Cont.

I was super excited to see the Panda because I have never seen one before. Well, I have on T.V. but that hardly counts.

We rode on the sky rail. I have to say that I was more afraid of the height we were at and the difference between me and the ground then my kids were. They loved it.

Carson was done for the day.

Wonderful, Wild San Diego Zoo

We took a train ride around the entire zoo. It was acutally pretty cool and it didn't involve walking (because I was still pregnant at the time and my feet were always hurting).

To cute. Seriously.

Carson with the Koala bears.

New Port Beach, California

J. had a work conference at New Port Beach, so the kids and I decided to come with him and be squatters in his hotel room. Definately a good idea. The first thing we made sure to do was soak up some rays at the beach. There was a little bay not to far from our (er I mean J.'s) hotel that we walked to.
Kaiden and Carson were beyond happy to dig in the sand and look for sea shells.

Easter Time

This April we drove up to Utah to watch conference and celebrate Easter with my family. We were able to visit with my two sisters ,who live in Utah, and also my parents, who drove up from Arizona.
While we were there we had an Easter egg hunt in my sisters apartment because it was to darn tootin' cold to do it outside. The kids LOVED it. Caron wasn't sure at first, but the more he understood what to do, the more he got into it.
Kaiden was so-o-o happy she got a Princess and the Frog outfit.

Kaiden and her cousin Adi. The pretty pretty princess's.

Best friends...most of the time

Kaiden and Carson and pretty good play fellows. They are really fun to watch when they start wrestling each other. Kaiden doesn't seem to mind when Carson comes up behind her and grabs her back in an attempt to pull her to the ground. Usually after much struggling one of them starts crying and whoever that is, is pronounced the loser of the match.

He pins her and...

she pins him.