Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo

Last week some friends and I decided to take the kids and go to the zoo. We had a terrific time, and thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day. Kaiden was so excited, the only animal she really wanted to see was the giraffes and the elephants (she has some wierd obsession with elephants). Then sadly we didn't even get to really see the elephants that well, except for thier bums that is. She didn't seem to mind.
Carson and I in front of the gorilla's.

Kaiden has somewhat of a forced smile. I think she was getting a little sick of the whole picture taking thing. She really loved the kangaroo's. A friend of J.'s (who lives in Austraila) gave Kaiden a stuffed kangaroo, so she was excited when she saw that they had some at this zoo.

Kaiden and Carson both fell asleep in about five minutes after we got in the car.

Carson vs. Sucker

Carson got a sucker for Valentines day from some family members, so I gave it to him to see what he would do. He loved it!! Half the time I wasn't sure if he was eating the sucker or his fingers. What a fun mess I got to clean up!

ASU vs. Oregon State Game

Here is Dusty, Kimball (thier son) and J. at the basketball game. ASU won, yea!!! I can't even remember what the final score was, but hey at least ASU won and we didn't have to hear any complaining on the way home. That alone totally made the trip worth it!

Our Trip to Portland

So... J. planned this whole trip to Portland with the intent of attending the ASU vs. Oregon State basketball game (typical J.). I had never been to Oregon and we went with some frineds Mandy and Dusty Heal. We were lucky enough that we were able to stay with J.'s cousin Amber Dahl and her family, who live in the Portland area. We were able to go and explore Portland while we were there. One of the sights we had to go and see was the famous Vodoo Doughnuts (shown on 'The Amazing Race'). This is Amber Dahl, myself, and Mandy Heal in front on the shop.

O.K., so this is thier menu and the names of the doughnuts that they make. You seriously need to read the names of the doughnuts. It might be a little suggestive, but I thought it was so funny that I had to take a picture of it.

J. and I both got their famous maple bacon doughnout (simply a maple doughnut with a piece of bacon on the top, wierd but very good), and Kaiden got a doughnut with M&M's on it (genius).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kaiden's Potty-Trained

Yes! The day has finally arrived that I can say that Kaiden is pretty much potty-trained. After ranting and raving the last time, you might wonder how this happened. Well I pretty much made her sit on the toilet after she had been holding it all day until she finally went pee. She literally sat there and cried and screamed for about 1/2 an hour before she went. Talk about stubborn. After that she did the whole crying and screaming thing a few more times before she started miracuously telling me when she needed to go. Let me just add that we did do a lot of bribing in process before we got to that point. O.k now getting on to the poo business. I have heard that kids will hold thier poo for days, but Kaiden defineately proved that point when she held number two for 4 days. Gross. I couldn't even stand to be near her, she smelt like crap. I mean it! It was disgusting. Everytime I tried to get her to go I didn't have any luck. Finally, she went and I think only for the fact that the poo had no where else to go. O.k. that was a little visual but true none the less. Now, she still holds it a few days before she goes but at least she doesn't smell like the sewer. My poor stinky child. Yea! We are almost there. Anyhoo. thought I should share my great news with everyone.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Like Father Like Son

You can tell that J. loves having a little boy around. He is already trying to turn him into a little sports addict like himself. I am sure that he will succeed in this.

Sleepy Days

Kaiden has an uncanny habit of falling asleep in the strangest places. If I haven't heard a peep out of her in a while chances are she has fallen asleep, and it still amazes where she does it at.