Monday, November 08, 2010

Fun Run

At the end of September, Kaiden's school hosted a 'Fun Run' to earn money for their Science Center. Kaiden latched onto this 'Fun Run' activity and that is ALL she would talk about. She was sucked onto this activity like the grim reaper, she would not let go or shake it off. "Mom the Fun Run is going to be fun", "Mom my teacher is going to be at the Fun Run", "Mom I get a shirt at the Fun Run". On, and, on, and on it went. Finally the day of the Fun Run finally came. Kaiden, Bailey and I headed off ( Carson and J. went on a camping trip with the Scouts). We got to the school and went to line up for the race and Kaiden asks, "Mom where is the Fun Run" ?!? I had no idea that she didn't know what the Fun Run was. Umm...Kaiden we are at the Fun Run. We are going to run around this neighborhood..for fun, run for fun. Ohh!! I could see understanding dawn in her eyes and I thought that she would be disappointed or let down after her weeks of anticipation. She did no such thing, once the race started (running for her and walking the stroller for me) she said "look Mom I am running for fun". Gotta love that girl, she had a great time!