Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kaiden's First Day of School!

I can't believe that my little girl has started kindergarten. I will say it again, I REALLY can't believe that my little girl started kidergarten. There I said it twice now you know I'm serious. I am excited for this new milestone in her life, but also sad that it is already happening. Aww.. changes you can't stop them.
Kaiden't 1st day of school outfit. I know its rather bland but her school requires a uniform. She can only wear navy blue, yellow or white shirts. Complimented by kakhi, navy or white shorts, skirts or pants. I have to say it totally took all the fun out of my 1st "back to school shopping".
Ready to leave for school!!

All of her friends from church, who also started kindergarten this year.

Getting ready to go into the classroom.

And she's gone. She didn't cry or anything, I was really proud of her. I, however, felt like crying and I thought it very appropriate that the school hosted a "Boohoo Breakfast" for all the kindergarten parents.


Ethridge Fam said...

I have to say i love this pic of Kaiden right before she is suppose to walking in with backpack in hand she looks o grown up and can just see her as a business woman.