Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Juan Islands

The next place we went with my family was to the San Juan Islands. I had never been before but J. had, and he said it was really pretty. We took a ferry from Ancortes to Friday Harbor. I have to admit that the main reason we were going was because we were going to take a boat tour, and go whale watching (to hopefully see some Orcas). The weather did not cooperate with us and we were basically freezing. So much for that July summer. Also the whales did not cooperate with us either because we didn't get to see any. Sniff, sniff. I was pretty disappointed but what could I do about it. We did get to see some seals and bald eagles, so that was pretty cool.
My mom and Kaiden on the ferry.
While we were in Friday Harbor, Kaiden got to feed some fish to the local seal that hangs around the docks. Her name is Popeye. I was bummed that I didn't get a picture but Kaiden loved her.

You can't see it, but there were some seals on the rocks out there. Man I wish I had a camara with a better zoom.