Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Pretty Waterfall

Seriously, the prettiest little waterfall just off the side of the road.

My brothers and J. were climbing up the rocks to the top of the waterfall. Well, Kaiden really wanted to go with them, but the rocks were really slick from the moss and water. However, she insisted on climbing up part of the way. On the way back down, I wanted her to hold my hand so she wouldn't fall and she said, "No way, I can do it myself." Man I wish she was this independent in other things...oh... say like picking up her toys. I wish.


Gary, Kristi, Adi, Robby said...

It all looks like so much just makes me jealous. Glad you all had a good time. Sorry the life of the party (us) couldn't be there. And the pics of Carson digging in the cake are awesome!

Ethridge Fam said...

Shannon sounds like you had a blast. I cannot wait till we can come up and visit. Hopefully next spring. I love all the pics.