Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carson Turns 1!!!!

I simply can not believe that my sweet little guy turned 1 year old!! How did time go so fast? I guess when he was an infant ,that 3 in the morning feeding routine did seem to drag on. Now woosh it's one year later. I will say it again, I can not beielve that he turned 1. I love you buddy boy!!!
Trying out his new birthday present from Dad. It was a very thoughtful gift but obviously J. didn't think that all those buttons on it would become annoying after a while. I get to hear 'Little Einsteins' all day long. Lucky me!!!

We had a small birthday party for him with some friends. He was hilarious to watch, when it came time to eat the cake. I remember that when Kaiden turned one she didn't even want to touch the frosting but daintily picked off the sprinkles instead. Carson, however, had no problem digging in up to his elbows.


Hess Clan said...

O man Carson is super cute! Your pictures are so pretty--I am thinking we may have to visit Washington some day. I hope everything is going well.