Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Pretty Waterfall

Seriously, the prettiest little waterfall just off the side of the road.

My brothers and J. were climbing up the rocks to the top of the waterfall. Well, Kaiden really wanted to go with them, but the rocks were really slick from the moss and water. However, she insisted on climbing up part of the way. On the way back down, I wanted her to hold my hand so she wouldn't fall and she said, "No way, I can do it myself." Man I wish she was this independent in other things...oh... say like picking up her toys. I wish.

Olympic National Forest

O.K. people so this is straight from the horses mouth. I think that how that quote goes, anyways you are looking at the worlds largest Spruce Tree. It really is.

Kaiden had a blast climbing around on the trees roots. Can I say, holy freaking roots!

Pacific Coast

A few days before my parents left, we decided to drive to the coast and play around there for a while and then drive to the Oplypic National Forest. My little brother, Daniel, had never been to the ocean before and we was super excited. Kaiden was also excited to go, mainly so that she could play with her beach toys. The tide was low when we got there, and Carson immediately sat in the wet sand and got his pants all wet (oh well).

Kaiden got to fly a kite for the first time. I know, I am a terrible mother. Better late then never I guess.

My Dad and brothers got obsessed in digging for clams. I had never seen a live clam before, and have to admit it was pretty cool. They would dig them up and then watch as the clams would dig themselves back in the sand. J. even got in on it. He, however had the misfortune of putting his clam back in the ocean only for a seagull to swoop down and steal it. Rest in peace little clam.

San Juan Islands

The next place we went with my family was to the San Juan Islands. I had never been before but J. had, and he said it was really pretty. We took a ferry from Ancortes to Friday Harbor. I have to admit that the main reason we were going was because we were going to take a boat tour, and go whale watching (to hopefully see some Orcas). The weather did not cooperate with us and we were basically freezing. So much for that July summer. Also the whales did not cooperate with us either because we didn't get to see any. Sniff, sniff. I was pretty disappointed but what could I do about it. We did get to see some seals and bald eagles, so that was pretty cool.
My mom and Kaiden on the ferry.
While we were in Friday Harbor, Kaiden got to feed some fish to the local seal that hangs around the docks. Her name is Popeye. I was bummed that I didn't get a picture but Kaiden loved her.

You can't see it, but there were some seals on the rocks out there. Man I wish I had a camara with a better zoom.

Snowqualamie Falls

I was excited when I found out that my family was coming to visit us. So I started thinking of places where we could take them while they were here. The arrived on the evening of July 3rd, so on the grand foruth of July we decided to go to Snowqualamie Falls and hike around.
Sorry, I know that this picture is kind of dark and Kaiden wasn't even in it. We kept trying to get her to look at the water fall but she wouldn't. We thought she was just scared of the heights or something, oh no, she just REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. No worries though, I got her to the bathroom in time.

While we were walking down to the river, we saw this doe and her two fawns. They walked right in front of us on the trail. It was pretty cool.

My Dad and my brothers Taylor and Daniel.

Carson Turns 1!!!!

I simply can not believe that my sweet little guy turned 1 year old!! How did time go so fast? I guess when he was an infant ,that 3 in the morning feeding routine did seem to drag on. Now woosh it's one year later. I will say it again, I can not beielve that he turned 1. I love you buddy boy!!!
Trying out his new birthday present from Dad. It was a very thoughtful gift but obviously J. didn't think that all those buttons on it would become annoying after a while. I get to hear 'Little Einsteins' all day long. Lucky me!!!

We had a small birthday party for him with some friends. He was hilarious to watch, when it came time to eat the cake. I remember that when Kaiden turned one she didn't even want to touch the frosting but daintily picked off the sprinkles instead. Carson, however, had no problem digging in up to his elbows.